Friday, June 20, 2008

Giselle 's House in France

Giselle shares her dream of buying a home in France, how she made this dream come true, why she adores home ownership, and how you can start to make this dream come true for yourself!

Listen (16 minutes)

A Fulbright Scholar's Experience at Portland Community College

Giselle interviews Joelle Lopez-Schadeck about her experience teaching at Portland Community College, cultural differences between the French and Americans, plus an enthusiastic perspective by Joelle's daughter Mathilde.

Listen to the interview (19.5 minutes)
Listen to the assignment (17 seconds)

The Cannes Film Festival and French Movie Tipss

Every May the whole world looks to France for the latest and greatest films of the year. Giselle and student Kayt chat about French movies.

Listen to Giselle's Overview of the festival (7 minutes)
Listen to the interview with Kayt (9.5 minutes)
Listen to a news article about the festival (in English--1.5 minutes)

Croissants and The Best of Bread and Pastry in Portland

The croissant 's true identity is Austrian! Learn the history of France's favorite breakfast food. Giselle and student Bonnie discuss where to get the best baked goods in Portland.

Listen to Part 1 (9.5 minutes)
Listen to Part 2 (7 minutes)

French Rock and Pop Speak English Plus Rap

Since when did it get fashionable and acceptable for the French to rock out in Englsh? Be thrilled and amazed by a rap performed by Giselle and student Davonna .

Listen to Part 1 (6.5 minutes)
Listen to Part 2 (8.5 minutes)
Listen to Part 3 (7.5 minutes)

Jacques Chirac & Nicolas Sarcozy

Two French Presidents - Two Very Different Men and of course there is Carla Bruni.....

Listen to Part 1 Chirac (6 minutes)
Listen to Part 2 Sarkozy (9 minutes)

Monday, June 16, 2008

France's First National Hero

Find out how France's first hero lost to Julius Cesar but is considered to be the first person to bring unity to the nation. Also, see if you can manage to pronounce the name of this hero, Vercingetorix. Ver cin ge to rix (5 syllables) At the end of the audio, you will find some questions to answer.